Buy Fire Door Frame Gap Fillers Online in the UK

Fire doors are designed to protect lives by keeping fire and smoke from spreading through a building. While even the highest-rated fire door needs a slight gap to open and close, too large a gap will compromise the door’s design and effectiveness.

That’s where the FirePlug comes in. The FirePlug is a unique retrofit product that reduces gaps in poorly fitted fire doors. Until now, if you have gaps of more than 4mm on either side or head between the door edge and door frame or more than 8mm between door bottom and floor, a new door costing between £600 to £1000 is the only way to make the door compliant with UK fire regulations.

Improve safety, save money, and help the environment with a fire door gap filler

A FirePlug fire door gap filler makes the door frame fit the door by reducing the gaps to a compliant level. This will save spending hundreds, if not thousands of pounds while helping the environment because the existing fire door can be rejuvenated and not just thrown away.

A FirePlug can reduce gaps by up to 15mm. That is not a typo – we tested 15mm gaps. To compliment a Fire Plug door frame gap filler, we will also be launching a bottom door seal that can reduce gaps up to a staggering 25-30mm.

FirePlug online fire protection and fire safety supplies in the UK

Based in Bristol, FirePlug is the one-stop online shop for all your fire safety needs in the UK. We stock a huge range of fire-proofing materials and acoustic supplies to help you stay safe and meet legal fire safety requirements.
Whether you’re looking for a fire door gap filler, intumescent strips, ventilation grills, or fireproof paints and varnishes, take a look at our online product range of fire protection products, all of which are available with speedy UK-wide delivery.

We always update our online catalogue of fire protection supplies on a daily basis. If you can’t find the product you need on our website or have a bespoke requirement, please contact our Bristol-based team on 01179 711917.