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FrameFit is a fully tested product that fits directly onto door frames, reducing gap sizes to meet current fire door regulations, for both 30 minute and 60 minute fire doors. Fire door inspectors will conclude a fire door is “non-compliant” if the gaps are over 4mm between the door leaf edge (2No sides and head) and frame. This also applies to gaps at the bottom of the door if over 8mm (depending on door manufacturer this could be a 10mm gap) Until now the only remedy for excessive gaps is to replace the door with a new one.  

FrameFit is designed with ease of fitting in mind. A choice of thickness's are available, 1.5mm (with or without smoke seal) & 3mm and 5mm (no smoke seal) to suit varying gaps. 

Two widths are available 44mm to suit FD30 doors and 54mm to suit FD60 doors. 

System Components: HE1.5 Fire & Smoke Seal

HE1.5/44 (FD30) or HE1.5/54 (FD60) - High Expansion Intumescent  

Designed to be used as the top layer where a fire & cold smoke seal is required. Commonly used when the existing fire & smoke seal is routed into the door frame. Simply remove the existing seals and cover over the groove with the suitable LM profile allowing room for the HE1.5 profile to be fitted as the top layer (smoke seal against the door stop)   

LM/44 or LM/54 - Low Modulus fire retardant spacer profile.  

There are 3No thicknesses available (1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm) either 44mm wide (FD30) or 54mm wide (FD60) Designed to be used in varying combinations to reduce the gaps. If the existing fire & smoke seals are in the door edge, LM profiles can be used without the need for HE1.5. 




How to use Fireplug FD FrameFit  

1 Select the correct profile to suit the door’s fire rating: 

#FD30 = 44mm wide / FD60 = 54mm wide  

2 Measure the existing gap between door edge and frame to determine which frame fit components will be required to reduce the gaps to be between 2mm to 4mm wide/deep.. (see Guide under) 

3 Cut and fit each of the chosen components to the door frame only. Remembering to fit the intumescent fillet last of all so it faces the door edge without any obstructions.  

4 Fix each LM profile initially using the double sided adhesive tape found on the back of each profile. Once all spacers are in place screw/pin fix through all layers into the door frame @ 400mm centres.  

5 If a smoke seal is required, the HE1.5 profile is fitted as the top layer.  

Gap size guide & FrameFit profiles required 

Existing Gap Size    Fire & Smoke Seal Required No Fire & Smoke Seal Required
5mm  1No HE1.5   1No LM1.5 
6mm 1No HE1.5 + 1No LM1.5 1No LM3
7mm 1No HE1.5 + 1No LM3  1No LM1.5 + 1No LM3
8mm 1No HE1.5 + 1No LM3  1No LM5 
9mm 1No HE1.5 + 1No LM4  2No LM3 
10mm 1No HE1.5 + 1No LM5  1No LM1.5 + 1No LM5
11mm No HE1.5 + 2No LM3  1No LM3 + 1No LM5 
12mm 1No HE1.5 + 1No LM3 + LM5   1No LM5 + 2No LM5


NB - When ordering allow for: 2100mm lengths for hinged and closing edge and/or 1000mm lengths for across the door head. 

NB: Bottom door seals are ordered separately.

Click on the drop down BOX to select 1000mm or 2100mm lengths as required. 

HE1.5/441.5mm thick 44mm wide 

LM1.5/44W 1.5mm thick x 44mm wide LM3/44W 3mm thick x 44mm wide LM5/44W 5mm thick x 44mm wide 

HE1.5/54W 1.5mm thick x 54mm wide 

LM1.5/54W 1.5mm thick x 54mm wide LM3/54W 3mm thick x 54mm wide LM5/54W 5mm thick x 54mm wide 

The kits are supplied in pizza style boxes complete with fixing tacks and wet wipes to degrease the frame prior to fitting FrameFit. Depending on how many non-compliant gaps there are on the door a bespoke door kit can contain up to 3 profiles (around door edges)

FrameFit Door Maintenance / Upgrade System Description: 

FrameFit is a fire rated system for closing down gap sizes around the perimeter of a fire door and is manufactured from a patented non-combustible material that will not melt, burn away or contribute to the spread of fire in anyway when used in the gap between a Door and Door Frame during the installation, maintenance or upgrade process, with a fire rating of up to 60 minutes. FrameFit fire rated system is currently available in 1.5, 3 and 5mm thickness's and in a door edge / door bottom channel. 

Properties/Performance: Tested according to BS EN 1634-1 & BS 476 Part 22 fire retardant up to 60 mins Semi rigid material with minimal compression Totally REACH compliant Completely stable for installation at temperature between -30°C to + 50°C Contributes high thermal & acoustical insulation value. Can be easily trimmed or shaped No shrinkage Mould and water resistant. Vicat softening point of 90°C Application Areas: Upgrade/ correction of gaps around the perimeter of a fire door Packaging Cardboard box with 5m of product / Poly Lay flat sleeve for Door Bottom Channel Colour Dark grey with a coloured white skin 1.5mm stripe / 3mm stripe / 5mm Stripe / Door Edge and Door Bottom Chanel 

Shelf Life Frame Fit system has an endless shelf life 

  • Fully tested to BS 476 Part 22 & BS EN 1634-1 
  • Brings non-compliant fire doors back into compliance. 
  • Ease of installation. 
  • Highly cost effective. 
  • Helping to keep trees in the ground. 
  • Made with recycled plastics. 

Tested Core Types  

30 Minute Timber Fire Door GDC, Stile & Railed Solid Timber, PAS24. 

Min Frame Gap 2mm Hinge, Head & Lock side 2mm Bottom Max Frame Gap 4mm Hinge 12mm Head 15mm lock side 24mm Bottom 

Tested to BS EN 1634- BS 476 Part 22 

60 Minute Timber Fire Door GDC - Min Frame Gap 2mm Hinge, Head & Lock side 2mm Bottom Max Frame Gap 4mm Hinge 12mm Head 15mm lock side 24mm Bottom 

Tested to BS 476 Part 22 


FrameFit TDS

FrameFit MSDS

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FrameFit Fitting Instructions

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