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The title of this page describes a specialised and intricate fire protection problem. Today as more complex buildings are being built to a higher specification the Fireplug Cable Passthrough System (CPT) has been individually designed and then tailored to suit particular aspects of the changing demands of today's specifiers.

The CPT is a unit that can be used to allow a service that can be described as temporary, such as a T.V. camera cable, to pass through a wall/floor yet still maintain the integrity of the wall/floor as designated. What is meant by integrity is that in a fire situation, you maintain stability and insulation along with acceptable smoke stopping. These points are also collated into designing a practical and sensibly operated system.

An example of the type of building that lends itself to require a CPT system is one that the general public frequent regularly, such as sports stadia, concert halls, theatres, exhibition halls. Anywhere that people congregate and where the media, like T.V. camera crews for example, need to access right into the construction, trailing recording cable, lighting cable etc. along with them. We trust the days have gone when a fire door is propped open by an extinguisher (the alternative cable passthrough system!). The following information is intended to prompt ideas and ways of solving problems when you may not have been aware there was any.

Fire & Acoustic Rated Walls Passthrough: CPTFRA
Consists of the following:

2 No. Polyester powder coated mild steel hinged doors with 2 x Integrated Intumescent pipe closers 
1 No. PVC Pipe up to suit thickness of wall
1 No. Smoke sock (up to 1 metre long)
1 No. Acoustic bung 

Fire & Acoustic Rated Floor Passthrough: CPTFRAF 
Consists of the following:

1 No. Floor socket c/w Integrated Intumescent pipe closers
1 No. Polyester powder coated mild steel hinged doors with 1 x Integrated Intumescent pipe closer for ceiling under.
1 No. PVC Pipe up to suit thickness of wall
1 No. Smoke sock or 2 No. Half socks (depending on length of pipe)
1 No. Acoustic bung

Non Fire or Acoustic Rated Wall (CPTW) or Floor (CPTF) Passthrough:  

As above omitting intumescent closer / smoke sock & acoustic bung  

Door Colours:
White or Black as standard.
Other colours are available on request.

Cable Passthrough Dimensions:

Fire Rated Wall passthrough (CPTFRAW)

Core size 150 mm
Door OD: 200 mm
Door ID: 100 mm

Core size 200 mm
Door OD: 300 mm
Door ID: 150 mm 

Core size 250 mm
Door OD: 350 mm
Door ID: 190 mm 

None Fire Rated Wall passthrough (CPTW)

Core size 120 mm
Door OD: 200 mm
Door ID: 100 mm

Core size 170 mm
Door OD: 300 mm
Door ID: 150 mm

Core size 220 mm
Door OD: 350 mm
Door ID: 190 mm

Wall Thickness:
Please add you wall thickness when ordering, we will send enough pipe so that you may cut the exact size on site.


Technical specifications

Brand Complete Fire Protection Ltd
Product Code CPTFRAW100
Weight 20kg

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