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FirePlug Pipe Bandages


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FirePlug Pipe Bandages

Fireplug FPB Bandages are made using Firefly 101 or 102 intumescent and are enclosed in aluminium foil. Fireplug FPBs are designed to fit into solid walls and floors directly around the service penetration. This does away with the need for a potentially expensive and clumsy metal canister. The solid structure inside which the Fireplug bandages sit act as a wall of a canister, thus ensuring the Intumescent is kept where it is needed.
The intumescent content in an FPB will fill a larger hole when activated however allowance has not been made for the frogs in bricks etc. In these circumstances we recommend making good with sand and cement, plaster or similar gap filler. A rough rule of thumb would be if after fitting the bandage there is a gap of more than 10mm between the Fireplug FPB and the wall/floor it should be made good. Fireplug FPB Bandages are normally supplied in one length. Larger sizes may be supplied in more than one length for ease of fitting.
Under the action of heat PVC. pipe softens as the intumescent strip expands sealing the hole through the wall or floor. In the instance of metal pipes the intumescent absorbs the heat and detracts from it tracking along the pipe and thus breaching the fire break structure. Copper pipe can also melt or collapse in this case the intumescent will act as with PVC. pipe. Lagged pipes should also be protected as the intumescent will crush the insulation as it burns off.
Fireplug FPB has been tested by TRADA to British Standard BS476 part 20, on 14th May 1993, test No. IT360 and at the Building Test Centre to British Standard BS476: Part 22: 1987: clauses 5, following the methodology of PREN 1366.3 (1993) where 150 minutes insulation and integrity was achieved. Full test reports are available on request.
Fireplug FPB Bandages are wrapped around the pipe/service and secured tightly to itself using the adhesive tongue. If there is more than one piece to the bandage each will carry an adhesive tongue. After attaching to the pipe the Fireplug FPB can be slipped along and into the wall/floor. Note the possible need for making good with mortar.
Pipe Size  O.D. mm Code
55mm FPB 55
82mm FPB 82
110mm FPB 110
125mm FPB 125
160mm FPB 160

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