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Gater Guard Fancy Dress, Fire Retardant Spray


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Gater Guard Fancy Dress, Fire Retardant Spray

Gater Guard Fancy Dress, Fire Retardant Spray

Available in 1ltr spray bottles.
Handy Travel Spray 250 ml bottle


We have developed Gater Guard Fire Retardant Spray to help prevent terrible accidents and 
possibly save life's due to non fire rated fabrics.

What Happens When A Non Fire Rated Fabric or Material Catches Alight?

Without going into too much technical details, in short costumes can be made using several materials such as Nylon, Cotton, Polyester to name but a few, if untreated are very flammable.When these materials / costumes come into contact with a naked flame such as a lit candle, 
the unsuspecting child or person will only have a very short time if any to extinguish the flame. 
Costumes as mentioned are manufactured using multiple materials, some that will burn and
some that will melt. As in many children s fancy dress costumes they will have both 
materials that will burn & melt.

What Can Gater Guard Fire Retardant Spray Do?
We have carried out many tests using identical costumes, one untreated and one treated with 
Gater Guard Fire Retardant Spray. Trigger spray method was used for coating the garments.

Untreated Costume - in this case a little girls Goldilocks Polyester dress, when subjected to a naked flame the dress very quickly caught fire and engulfed this dress with a mixture of 
burning and melting. 

Treated With Gater Guard Fire Retardant - using the same method we offered a naked 
flame to the dress as with the untreated costume, we waited until the material had seemingly 
produced a small flame, unlike the untreated dress the flame continued to burn. However in all our tests the flame instantly went out, this was carried out repeatedly over and over again 
with the same result. The treated costume would not set alight no matter how many times we 

Application: To apply Gater Guard Fancy Dress Fire Retardant to a costume, using a coat hanger simply hang up the garment either outside or over a bath for example. Using the spray bottle trigger, spray approximately 6 - 8 inches away until the garment is completely soaked right through. Allow to dry by natural means such as a clothes line, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! Remember this is a skin safe product, However we would recommend using gloves & a mask as this will not taste very nice should you get this in your mouth. Once the garment is completely dry you may see some signs of a white residue, this is perfectly normal use a damp cloth to wipe this off. Other visual differences is that the dress / costume may lose a little shine as the fabric retardant itself is not glossy.

After Care: Wash the treated garment by way of the manufactures recommendation - please note once the garment is washed it will require treating again with Gater Guard Fire Retardant Spray.

Coverage: 1ltr spray will cover approx: 8 m2 - Depending on custume size 3 - 4 garments.
approx: 2 m2 coverage for the 250 ml travel spray bottle. This means you can use Gater Guard Fancy Dress Fire Retardant Spray again and again. 

The Technical Bit:
Gater Guard Fancy Dress Fire Retardant Spray is a skin friendly Flame Retardant for use on 
natural & synthetic materials including clothing & seating.

Independently tested independently by the "Institute for Skin and Product Evaluation"  for dermal 
reaction with a full pass result. 
Multi Purpose: use on synthetic or natural materials, preferred for apparel, carpeting and any item 
that may have a metallic element or embellishment such as curtains with gold or silver yarns or metal 
furniture that could be tarnished by some corrosive flame retardants. 

Iron On Fabric Labels to Identify Fabrics as treated. Feature date and year. Ideal for maintenance 
and Inspections. High active solids: 30% compared to around 15% of our competitors products. 

Quicker drying times. (Ready to use in 3-4 hours). Easy to apply.

Gater Guard Fire Retardant is a water-based fire proofing spray. Halogen & Bromine Free! Non-toxic, 
non-hazardous formulation and completely Odourless.  
Non Hygroscopic and Non-Corrosive to metals. Unlike our competitors products will not corrode metals.

Treats: Polyester, Cotton, Silk, Linen flax, Wool, Cardboard, untreated wood, polystyrene, lycra, 
hessian, foam rubber and most other materials that can absorb.
  1. Treats up to 8 sq. metres per litre. Possibly more on light weight materials.
  2. Water based flame retardant. No nasty solvents.
  3. Suitable for apparel & bedding
  4. Non sting formula. safe on skin.  
  5. Excellent performance on artificial flowers
  6. Suitable for spray, dipping application.
  7. Can achieve B.S.5867 Pt2 Type B. B.S.5852 0 & 1, Euro Standards EN1101 EN1102 
  8. Effective on natural, natural / synthetic blends & most synthetic textiles.
Typical Applications
  1. Curtains & drapes, including theatre stage & wing curtains (Including Synthetic Materials)
  2. Stage props, flat sets & scenery
  3. Chairs settees, stools, fixed upholstery & some bedding. (Will not acheive BS5651 watersoakak test)
  4. Theatrical costumes & party clothing
  5. Boat beds, bunks & curtains
  6. Aircraft seating & carpets
  7. Artwork & displays
  8. Papier mache projects & collages
  9. Lighting special effects for theatre & stores
  10. Tapestries & wall hangings
  11. Banners & signs for internal use
  12. Inglenook beams & internal decorative timber
  13. Rugs & Carpets (Including Synthetic Carpets)
  14. Temporary fireproof barriers
  15. Hay & straw internal scenery for seating
  16. Foams & Sponges
  17. Artificial & dried natural flowers & foliage

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