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Gater Guard Front Finger Protection


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Gater Guard Front Finger Protection
Gater Guard Front Finger Protection

Covers the front hinges so prevents little fingers getting trapped

Fits most doors
Long Life
Prepacked and Fixings included
Easily fitted
Colour White
Length 1.96m

Guidance Incidents of finger-trapping usually involve infants, children and the elderly. In the UK thousands of people are injured per year by trapping their fingers in doors many of whom require reconstructive surgery. The National Health Service estimates that each finger trapping incident they treat costs an average of £2500 to the NHS. The most common areas for finger trapping accidents are as follows: · Hinge cavity – A large exposed area within the hinge where fingers can be trapped. A door closing exerts a pressure of approximately 32,000 pounds per square inch (lbs psi). · Hinge pin side – A small gap occurs here and there is a need to keep especially tiny fingers away from this area. · Handle side – fingers can be trapped where the door meets the frame, e.g. if the door is closed too fast or if a wind or draught catches the door and slams it shut. · Sliding or folding doors – fingers can be trapped where a sliding door edge meets the frame.

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